About Angels in Training

The purpose of this site is not just to blab about myself and my interests, but to share my spiritual journey asking the question, “Does spirituality exist outside of religion?” My path has lead me through organized religion, spiritual experiences, seminary education, and a few degrees in psychology.

My hope is by sharing what I have learned may help you in your journey, and provide answers to questions you may have because, I believe, we all are . . . Angels in Training!

Scott Guerin, PhD

Dr. Scott Guerin

I am a psychologist with two master’s degrees and a doctorate in human development. In addition, I have been an adjunct professor at Kean University in New Jersey for over 19 years. I also work in the healthcare industry, specializing in medical education and health psychology.

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"This material provides an engaging exploration of spirituality, broken into accessible bite-sized chunks. Dr Guerin mixes anecdote, scientific research and tenets from multiple religions to create thought-provoking life lessons."

Christina Jackson, PhD CPsychol

 Mark Vogel PsyD

"A non-directive, non-judgmental exploration into key spiritual issues, certain to facilitate self-exploration and spiritual growth."

Jill Cantelmo, PhD

"A highly recommended read that demonstrates how curiosity and the questioning of traditional thinking can illuminate many different paths to exploring an individual's spiritual journey.”

Helen Raytek, PsyD

"The 12 Lessons can be helpful to people who are 'searching for answers' to ask helpful questions that will help them go forward in their journey."

Amazon Reviewer

“The author takes us along his own heartfelt journey and explains how he became open and enlightened spiritually. He also uses a more scientific approach to back up his spiritual beliefs."

Maureen Saks

"Life is a journey, and you come away from reading this book feeling confident in all its twists and turns."

Amazon Reviewer

"The account effectively weaves the author's scholarly research into an easy-to-read and interesting personal narrative. I finished the book anxious to learn more."

12 Lessons

Does spirituality exist outside of religion?

As our religion-based society shifts to embrace spirituality, it is driving a global trend called “the rise of the nones.” These are people who view themselves as spiritual but do not identify with any organized religion. For those comfortable with their faith, it has spurred an exploration of spiritual practices to incorporate into their lives.

I experienced this transition after decades pursuing a deeper spiritual life through a tumultuous relationship with organized religion. The result was the development of 12 Lessons that took me beyond religion to spiritual freedom. My conclusion is that we are angels; eternal, connected, and capable beyond belief.

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Angel in Training - A Spiritual Journey

This book is for seekers.

Raised in a typical blue-collar family, we did all the things required by our protestant church: attended services, Sunday school, and confirmation classes. However, a short answer to a simple question from my pastor shocked me into considering other ways to think about God. The following years were filled with roller-coaster rides of events, chance meetings, and even a close encounter with demon possession. My journey took me from the Lutheran church through the born-again movement, to the Presbyterian denomination.

Despite all my religious involvement, knowledge, and education, my personal life decayed until I hit rock bottom. Then, ascending from the ashes of my life, I continued my journey, this time looking for answers beyond religion. This search led me to study the Conversations with God series, as well as A Course in Miracles, The Secret, and Abraham-Hicks materials.

The answers I found led me to gain an understanding of the new paradigm describing who we are and our place in the Universe. Also, I discovered how quantum theory may provide support for the Law of Attraction.

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