Christina Jackson, PhD CPsychol

“This material provides an engaging exploration of spirituality, broken into accessible bite-sized chunks. Dr Guerin mixes anecdote, scientific research and tenets from multiple religions to create thought-provoking life lessons.”

Helen Raytek, PsyD

“The 12 Lessons can be helpful to people who are ‘searching for answers’ to ask helpful questions that will help them go forward in their journey.”

Maureen Saks

“Life is a journey, and you come away from reading this book feeling confident in all its twists and turns.”

Amazon Reviewer

“The author takes us along his own heartfelt journey and explains how he became open and enlightened spiritually. He also uses a more scientific approach to back up his spiritual beliefs.”

Jill Cantelmo, PhD

“A highly recommended read that demonstrates how curiosity and the questioning of traditional thinking can illuminate many different paths to exploring an individual’s spiritual journey.”

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