“The author’s careful illustration of his introduction to religion, description of his devout faith that was punctuated by nagging questions, his approach to seeking the answers, and his interpretation of his findings are a refreshing account of a journey that offers numerous perspectives along the way. A highly recommended read that demonstrates how curiosity and the questioning of traditional thinking can illuminate many different paths to exploring an individual’s spiritual journey.” — Jill Cantelmo, PhD

“If you have ever pondered the seemingly endless questions about God, religion, or spirituality, this book will get you thinking. The author examines myriad religious/spiritual uncertainties and conundrums, inevitably ones you have wrestled with yourself.” — Mark Vogel, PhD

“Life is a journey, and you come away from reading this book feeling confident in all its twists and turns. Anyone who questions their faith, or struggles to accept the religious beliefs of their parents will find comfort in this intimate story.” — Maureen Saks

“The author takes us along his own heartfelt journey and explains how he became open and enlightened spiritually. He also uses a more scientific approach to back up his spiritual beliefs. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who struggles with the rigidity and exclusive nature of traditional religions.” — Amazon Reviewer

Even though I’m not a particularly religious person, I do consider myself spiritual, especially since having children. Being an atheist and a parent is challenging for obvious reasons. As somebody who has always loved science, I find myself increasingly exploring scientific and philosophical ideas that leave room to somehow, in some way, connect us with our loved ones lost.” — Amazon Reviewer

“I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Guerin’s account of his journey, starting from his boyhood Lutheran upbringing, through an evangelical Christian phase as a teenager and young adult, to a more spiritual approach as an older adult. The account effectively weaves the author’s scholarly research into an easy-to-read and interesting personal narrative. I finished the book anxious to learn more.” —Amazon Reviewer