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Flying. . . Straight Down!

I always wanted to fly. As a kid, I would climb up tall trees and watch the birds jump and fly from tree to tree. When the TV series Superman began airing, I wished I could fly like him. Other superheroes could fly too, like the Green Lantern, Storm, and…
June 13, 2020

The First Prayer Study

Possibly the earliest study into the effectiveness of prayer comes from the Englishman, Francis Galton (1872) in his article entitled Statistical Inquiries into the Efficacy of Prayer. In this report, the author cited his own examination of the data of life expectancies of clergy and members of the royal houses, both…
June 10, 2019

What are Angels?

Angels have a very similar definition across many religions. They are considered spiritual beings, agents, or messengers of God. The word comes from the Greek, agnelos, meaning messenger. In Islam, belief in angels is one of the Six Articles of Faith. In addition, Devas and dharma protectors are types of…
June 10, 2019