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By Rachel Hartman, in collaboration with Scott Guerin, PhD

If you are planning to retire during a financial downturn, it can be worrisome to give up your job. This is especially true for those with portfolios that have dropped in value. You may be facing retirement with fewer funds available and uncertainty ahead.

Still, if you’re ready to stop working or need to reduce your activity due to a health condition, retirement may be the best route forward. Looking at your finances and setting up a plan could help you get through a bear market and create a sustainable lifestyle. You might even find ways to increase your income by making a few adjustments.

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The Round Table Talk Show hosted by Sharifia Hardie

This episode provides a lively discussion about surviving in the COVID world I participated in along with four other professionals on The Round Table Talk Show


By Deb Gordon, collaboration with Scott Guerin, PhD

Joe Biden has been declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election, putting an end to an anxious waiting period for millions of people across the United States and the world.

What comes next could be hazardous to people’s health, according to a recently published study.

The study, released in late October 2020, found an increase in hospitalizations for heart attacks and strokes in the two days after the 2016 presidential election, suggesting a possible connection between sociopolitical stress and cardiovascular disease.

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Text Based Therapy Guerin


By Elizabeth Yuko – Collaboration with Scott Guerin, PhD

Is having regular therapy appointments via text or chat effective, or even a good idea? Could it be an option for the many people who are dealing with mental health issues for the first time during the pandemic and are new to navigating all of this? We spoke with several mental health experts to find out.

Chicago Tribune

“Context is being aware of the situation. Are you hanging out with friends or at work? Or, at a town meeting debating an important project,” Decide on a method to interject yourself. Methods can vary from subtle to aggressive. A subtle approach is to wait for an opening; when they take a breath or pause, just start talking. More assertive responses are ‘I have a few thoughts on that when you are ready.’ Or ‘I would like to discuss this with you, but it seems like you are not listening to what I have to say.’ Thinking ahead of the situations and mapping out a strategy of how you will react and when will help enormously in dealing with people who interrupt you.”

Dr. Scott Guerin, adjunct professor in psychology, Kean University, Union, New Jersey

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Dealing with Interrupters

Real Simple

You don’t need to locate your third eye or learn Sanskrit to practice mindfulness; you just need to pay very close attention. Sounds crazy, right? I used to think so, too.

By Elizabeth Yuko – Collaboration with Dr. Scott Guerin

Eat This, Not That

Can your thoughts affect your body? Centuries ago, scientists believed not; the body and mind were separate. Fast-forward to present-day and researchers see the body and mind as an interconnected and inseparable organism. This means that knowing how to control our thoughts and minds can help us live happier and healthier lives. There is no better time than now to explore this as we struggle through our tumultuous COVID world on top of social and political firestorms. I’ve been studying this topic for years and offer a few ideas to help you get your mind to a better place—right now—right after reading this— and it has to do with meditation.

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Thrive Global

The Authority Magazine article was picked up in Thrive Global. Thrive provides behavior change technology and media to support individuals struggling with stress and burnout.

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Dr. Scott Guerin, a developmental psychologist and adjunct professor in psychology at Kean University lost his father last week—41 days after his mother passed away—both from COVID-19. Right now, he’s focusing on how to cope with the day, and has found that one strategy is working: appreciation. “When word got out about my dad many of my friends sent their condolences,” he tells Lifehacker. “Several conveyed stories about how he helped them…As of right now, each day, my feelings of loss are being overrun by feelings of love and appreciation.” Another take on appreciation—but for those who never knew their fathers or are estranged from them—involves composing a gratitude list inclusive of all the individuals who have served as father figures throughout their life, Magvi says.

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Authority Magazine

Dr. Scott Guerin: 5 Steps That Each Of Us Can Take To Proactively Help Heal Our Country, via Authority Magazine – Medium

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June 2, 2020 - Outwit Trader

38 People Comment On The Benefits Meditation Has Brought Them – By Katie Holmes