July 3, 2020 - Thrive Global

The Authority Magazine article was picked up in Thrive Global. Thrive provides behavior change technology and media to support individuals struggling with stress and burnout.


June 18, 2020 - Lifehacker

Dr. Scott Guerin, a developmental psychologist and adjunct professor in psychology at Kean University lost his father last week—41 days after his mother passed away—both from COVID-19. Right now, he’s focusing on how to cope with the day, and has found that one strategy is working: appreciation. “When word got out about my dad many of my friends sent their condolences,” he tells Lifehacker. “Several conveyed stories about how he helped them…As of right now, each day, my feelings of loss are being overrun by feelings of love and appreciation.” Another take on appreciation—but for those who never knew their fathers or are estranged from them—involves composing a gratitude list inclusive of all the individuals who have served as father figures throughout their life, Magvi says.


June 16, 2020 - Authority Magazine

Dr. Scott Guerin: 5 Steps That Each Of Us Can Take To Proactively Help Heal Our Country, via Authority Magazine – Medium https://ift.tt/2UL8P43

June 2, 2020 - Outwit Trader

38 People Comment On The Benefits Meditation Has Brought Them – By Katie Holmes