Excerpts from 12 Lessons

Chapter 1

Where Are You?
How Did You Get Here?

Every time I visit a new town or city, the first thing I do is find a directory displaying a map of the area. The critical component is that red dot with the label “You are here.” Without that dot, the map is useless. The dot places everything into context by instantly showing me where I am in relation to where I want to go and what I want to see. This is exactly what I would like this book to be for anyone with a desire to learn more topics related to religion, spirituality, who we are, and how to navigate our lives. Whether your current faith satisfies all your needs and you are curious about other viewpoints and ideas, or if you are looking for alternatives to organized religion to continue your journey, like me, these lessons will provide some help.

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Where Are You? How Did You Get Here?
Lesson 6

Meditation Is an Effective Way to Experience Peace and the Presence of God

Many books, videos, recordings, and cell phone apps are available to provide instruction on a variety of meditation practices. It’s easy to be confused and unsure about where to start. One reason for this is that our Western culture does not have much to offer regarding meditation. We are aware of only a few states of consciousness: sleeping, waking, daydreaming, and Spring Break. Religious and spiritual groups in Eastern culture have been exploring states of consciousness for thousands of years.

Initially, in my journey I kept a distance from the topic of meditation. The conservative Christians, in general, shy away from this because meditation is not mentioned to any substantial degree in the Bible and because it has strong ties to Eastern religious practices.

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