There are Birds in the Kingdom of God

The parable of the mustard seed is one of the shorter teachings of Jesus defining the Kingdom of God found in the first three Gospels of the New Testament; Matthew, Mark, and Luke, also called the synoptic Gospels. Some accounts of events and teachings in these books differ, but this…
March 31, 2021

The Rise of the “Nones”

Interestingly, this Star Wars sounding phrase follows a trend in spirituality. “Nones” are not “clones” in a galaxy far far away, they are people who, when asked what religious group they belong, reply “none.” According to several polls, between 20-25% of Americans place themselves in this category, up over 10%…
July 22, 2020

The 16 Strivings for God

Psychologist Steven Reiss conducted research on why people gravitate to specific religions. He surveyed 7,700 people from diverse backgrounds and determined that people have sixteen basic desires they seek to align with the religion they choose. 16 Basic DesiresAcceptance – the desire for positive self-regard Curiosity – the desire for…
June 15, 2019