Calling all Angels!

Coming in 2021!

From all we know about angels, they can be bright white with wings, or they can appear as ordinary people. They can be strong and fast, and they can be warriors. But is that all we know?

This book continues our divine journey exploring three fundamental areas in gaining an understanding of angels. The first is to review what the world’s great religions have had to say about the origins of angels and their role in humanity. The second is to understand what science is currently saying about these entities and how they can interact with our world. This section will also include a fascinating psychological review of the subject from the perspective of emotion, perception, and dysfunction.

Most importantly, I would like to include current stories from people who have experienced angelic or divine intervention. If you have a story that you would like to share where something positive and wonderful happened, please send it in. The purpose of this is to provide examples of hope and courage for people in both good times and in times of need.

Send me an email with your story to possibly be included in Calling all Angels!

Photo by Penny Carlson