How to Deal with Chronic Interrupters!





This was a fun piece I helped develop for the Chicago Tribune. Certainly inspired by the recent presidential debates!

“Context is being aware of the situation. Are you hanging out with friends or at work? Or, at a town meeting debating an important project, Decide on a method to interject yourself. Methods can vary from subtle to aggressive. A subtle approach is to wait for an opening; when they take a breath or pause, just start talking. More assertive responses are ‘I have a few thoughts on that when you are ready.’ Or ‘I would like to discuss this with you, but it seems like you are not listening to what I have to say.’ Thinking ahead of the situations and mapping out a strategy of how you will react and when will help enormously in dealing with people who interrupt you.”

Dr. Scott Guerin, adjunct professor in psychology, Kean University, Union, New Jersey

Link to full article

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