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Where are you in your spiritual journey?




Learn more in this Angel in Training course!

I’m excited to have uploaded my first course on Udemy from in the Angel in Training series called – Where are you in your spiritual journey? I am a psychologist and have been passionately pursuing God, Spirit, and religion since I was a teenager. The best way to describe this course is when you go to a shopping mall or a new town, many times there is a map of the area. On that map, there is usually a red dot indicating YOU ARE HERE. This is exactly what I would like this course to be for you. I do not promote any specific beliefs or theological perspectives, but present key topics related to the psychological, theological, and emotional aspects of spirituality for you to consider. Especially as you assess where you are in your spiritual journey and plan your path forward.  

If these topics are of interest to you I invite you to check out this course and look forward to hearing what you think. See you in class!

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