Interestingly, this Star Wars sounding phrase follows a trend in spirituality. “Nones” are not “clones” in a galaxy far far away, they are people who, when asked what religious group they belong, reply “none.” According to several polls, between 20-25% of Americans place themselves in this category, up over 10% in five years. As expected, the percentages are higher among younger adults than older. Importantly, in a separate poll, about the same percentage of people (25%) indicated they considered themselves “spiritual but not religious.”

The shift from religion to spirituality represents a considerable change. This means that people are looking to connect spiritually outside of religion. One way this can be accomplished is through meditation, an activity growing in popularity in the U.S.


Many books, videos, recordings, and cell phone apps are available to provide instruction on a variety of meditation practices. It’s easy to be confused and unsure about where to start. One reason for this is that our Western culture does not have much to offer regarding meditation. We are aware of only a few states of consciousness: sleeping, waking, daydreaming, and Spring Break. Religious and spiritual groups in Eastern culture have been exploring states of consciousness for thousands of years. I suggest you check out a few of these to see which one or two method fits your needs.

The Law of Attraction

Another way of connecting spiritually is by exploring the law of attraction. The law of attraction, also known as the power of intention, is the idea that we create all experiences in our lives by applying consistent thoughts and feelings about each aspect. For example, if we want to have a job that is positive and interesting, if we consistently picture ourselves in a position we want, eventually the opportunity will present itself. Or, if a person regularly complains about their job, telling others how bad it is, they will remain in that unpleasant situation. In its most simplistic form, the term “what goes around, comes around” captures this idea. I provide an in-depth review of the law of attraction in my upcoming book 12 Lessons coming in September, or you can go to author Gabrielle Bernstein’s website. Gabby is an expert on explaining and applying the law of attraction to our lives.

Whether you are happy with your religion or are one of the “nones,” I hope you feel free enough to explore meditation or the law of attraction as a way to maintain and deepen your spiritual health.


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